About Us

WHY: We believe RFID has the power to change and improve our daily lives. This technology provides the right tools to speed up and simplify all business processes. As a consequence, RFID provides and promotes great gains in productivity.

HOW: We have established a strong team of engineers and technicians who share our beliefs. We create long-term partnerships with our clients, providing them with practical RFID solutions and incorporating regular technology upgrades to enhance their business operations.

WHAT: Since 2011, we have learnt through experience and have implemented regular innovations to our range of products across Singapore, South East Asia and now Europe. We thrive to work from a white page, incorporating ideas leveraging technology to develop complete turnkey solutions across various industries such as aerospace, retail and healthcare.

First established in 2011 as a RFID Tag manufacturing business by two engineers. The company quickly grew to become an established RFID-solutions provider for private businesses and public services, when it was awarded the Emerging Enterprise Award in 2013. This annual award marks the celebration of business innovation, resilience and excellence in SMEs – the bedrock of the Singapore economy. It honours the bold ambition of Singapore’s young businesses under ten years old, empowering startups and young enterprises with both recognition and resources to take flight and achieve stellar growth.
2013 Emerging Enterprise

We recognise that the implementation of technology should benefit everyone. As such our corporate strategy is to help all businesses, whether they are small, medium, big or MNCs. We are business-user-focused in our approach, taking in consideration all factors and options towards implementing a practical solution that works best for the business.

Our Capabilities

Research & Development

We recognise that technology is ever-evolving and advancing throughout all business environment and social activities. Our technical strength allows us to understand the limitations of technology, how to implement them and to incorporate viable solutions using mature, workable and practical processes.


We understand that business enterprises requires design thinking, strategic digital planning and business process transformation in order to optimise the benefits in digital transformation and emerging technology adoption. It is critical that technology is used to maximised their potential in accordance to its target application. With consulting, this enables the business to achieve productivity, maximising resources and allowing important timely business data to flow through the business entity. This allows the management to have a critical view of the business.

Application & System Development

To assist enterprises to enhance operational efficiencies and achieve better business outcomes through the effective use of various technologies.

We ventured into software development to complement our RFID manufacturing base and offer a one-stop solution with bespoke possibilities to our clients, thus providing RFID tags, hardware and tailor-made software to manage and provide data analytics. Our software development subsidiary is located in Rangoon, Myanmar.

Our versatile and experienced team has implemented projects across various industries such as Aerospace MRO, Automotive, Retail, Logistics, Construction, IT, Document Management and Healthcare.

Our Growth

We decided to establish our company’s continued growth in Singapore outwards to South-East Asia and towards our expansion into Europe.

By late 2019, we opened our subsidiary in Bordeaux, France, at the heart of the European Aerospace Valley where all major industrial partners are located.

Our Partners
We do not compromise on quality, we only work with established and reputable
partners to provide practical solutions incorporating new technologies.