Current Pain Points:

  • The conventional method of taking attendance by calling names or signing on paper is very time consuming and insecure, hence inefficient.
  • Misuse of list to change the absence of a employee/student to attendance.
  • The possibility of missing attendance list.



eTAG RFID Attendance Solution provide ease, efficiency, accuracy in recording employee’s and student’s attendance. The system can monitor the their arrival and departure from the premises by the use of RFID technology.

User have to tap their identification card or pass through the RFID reader carrying their identification card and their time in and out will record accurately and automatically to the server.

The system is capable of generating reports for every employee, showing records such as total working hours time and number of day-offs.

  1. RFID device installed at various location.
  2. Time of entry or exit of particular employees is recorded as soon as the RFID tags are detected.
  3. The reader communicates the RFID tags through network to cloud server.
  4. Automated updates to supervisors of their employees at the time of arrival and leaving work premises.
  5. The system is capable to generating reports for every employee total working hours time and number of day off.


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