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Many retail stores currently need many man hours to check inventory, misplacement of products, stock and track their inventory manually. In order to improve inventory accuracy and resolve these issues, frequent inventory cycle counts were required.

Retail store uses barcode for inventory management. Barcode can only be scanned one at a time and it requires a direct line of sight. UHF RFID performs hundreds of read acquisition per second and doesn’t require the direct line of sight between the reader and the RFID tags. This makes the taking of inventory not only faster but easier and far more accurate than using barcodes.

Current Retail Pain Points:

  • Man hours needed to check inventory
  • Misplacement of products
  • Stock lost due to shop theft
  • Direct input by staff for payment checkout
  • Out of stock conditions result in lost sales


Real Time Notifications

RFID can provide real time notifications of product replenishment needs, stock movement, out of stocks and when there is low inventory. It also increases inventory accuracy and efficiency by reading RFID tags on the products. This ensures that the products are on the correct racks and shelves.

Loss Prevention

RFID has the potential to alert staff when products are being removed illegally. Thefts and the  misplacement of products can be avoided using RFID.

Self Service Kiosk

Customers can self checkout and pay for their purchases by using the available RFID-enabled kiosks. This can reduce the waiting times and man power to be stationed at the cashier counters.

Smart Mannequin

Customers are able to locate products displayed on mannequins easily via our smart interface.

Self-help General Enquiry

Customers are able to navigate the entire store’s catalogue without any help from the shop assistants.


  • Reduces time to receive goods
  • Theft prevention/control
  • Enhance customer shopping experience
  • Reduce cost and raise revenue
  • Automated and frequent inventory counts
  • Improved inventory accuracy
  • Reduce out of stock and overstocking situations


RFID Hardware Setup

  1. RFID fixed and handheld readers – To perform receiving operations at dock doors (warehouse) and store room.
  2. RFID anti theft gantry – To track products movement and prevent unauthorized product movements at store entrance
  3. RFID fixed readers – To perform automated inventory monitoring on the sales floor.
  4. RFID hand held readers – To perform quick and easy cycle counting on the sales floor. To provide store inventory information to value add customer service.
  5. RFID point of sale readers – For fast check out of all purchases within seconds



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