RFID Document Management Systems are designed to reduce time spent managing and maintaining hundreds or thousands of files within a workplace. Common basic methods to manage documents are filing it by alphabetical order, color coding files, or using barcode files.

RFID Document Management solution enable organizations to efficiently track and manage documents in any environment.



How does RFID Document Management work?

Each document are tagged with a RFID label tag which has a unique identifier. The RFID document tracking software associates the unique identifier with additional information such as issue date, receipt date, user, etc.

Fixed RFID antennas and reader are placed around the workplace. Alternatively, a RFID handheld reader can be used.

When a specific file is required, the staff can key in the file number on the RFID asset tracking software, and the location will be shown automatically if fixed RFID readers are used, or manually if a RFID handheld reader is used to scan the environment.


e-Tag RFID Pte Ltd can custom build RFID cabinets to keep track of the document inventory in real time. Security features are also included to ensure no unauthorized access to the documents placed inside this system.


  • Track documents quickly and easily
  • Save time and labor in finding documents
  • Reduce cost, improve visibility and operational efficiency
  • Maintain your company’s reputation by eliminating loss of clients’ data


  • Healthcare
  • Libraries
  • Administration
  • Judiciary



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