RFID E-Gantry

RFID Gantry

The problem with traditional EAS systems


In Singapore and around the world, libraries and retail stores are frequently equipped with EAS, also known as electronic article surveillance systems.

When an item is taken out of the door without going through the proper check- out procedures, the EAS system triggers an alarm to alert the staff. Apart from acting as an alarm and deterrence, traditional electro-magnetic and acousto-magnetic EAS systems are quite simple in their functions.

The limitations of this system that it leaves inventory taking as a problem afterwards. Without going through every item in the store, it is nearly impossible to pinpoint the items that have been lost.

RFID Gantry Singapore

The RFID e-Gantry advantage


All that is made easier with an RFID EAS system. Our RFID e-Gantry works by being placed at security checkpoints like the entry/exit of a retail store, similar to other EAS systems. When there is an attempt to take any tagged items out without payment or registration, an alert is sounded.

The advantage of the RFID system is that the missing items can be easily identified, making inventory-taking more efficient. Real-time data collection is also useful for studying trends of thefts, so that security weak points can be reinforced.

Additionally, studies show that RFID EAS systems were an effective deterrence against employee theft, which makes up a big part of items loss in retail settings.

Applications of RFID e-Gantry


When the location of loss can be pinpointed, tracking down culprits or making security adjustments can be better executed. The best place to begin tagging items is as near to the manufacturing origin as possible. Other than ensuring the objects can be tracked for its whole journey until it reaches the shop shelves, this also reduces the logistical hassle of needing to re-tag items at separate stopovers.

Having a unified RFID system also opens countless other possibilities for improving customer experience. For example, an in-store RFID system can be used to build a lookup feature where customers can find out more about each product by scanning the product with their smartphone’s NFC reader.

A mobile self-checkout system can also be integrated into the system. In essence, the RFID e-Gantry is more than a security feature. It also boosts efficiency and has great potential to add value to the customer’s retail experience. The features you will need depends on your business needs and plans, and can be set up seamlessly to sync with your backend server with some help from our system integrators at e-Tag RFID Singapore.

Features of RFID e-Gantry

• Real-time tracking of items loss from source to destination
• Ability to pinpoint shrink sources along the supply chain
• Secure retail check-out
• Facilitates inventory-taking
• Potential for improving customer experience
• Alerts and responses to items loss can be customised
• Collects shrink data for future action and predictions