Industry / Warehousing

“With e-Tag RFID Warehouse Management Solution, you can shorter distribution processes, reduce the length of time to track inventory, lower costs and better customer service.”

Warehouse Management Model

To illustrate, cases, pallets, cartons and all other storage items in the warehouse will be RFID tagged. These tags are recognised by readers installed in all the shelves, transporting equipments and in & out points in the distribution.

How does it work?


• Reduce warehouse labour costs
• Better visibility into location of inventory throughout the distribution
• Improved accuracy and efficiency
• Reduced inventory write offs
• Accelerates the speed of delivery
• Durability increases with RFID tags
• Real-time notifications of inventory levels and movement

e-Tag RFID offers you a one stop solution, providing you system integration, deployment services with an integrated suite of products (i.e., RFID tags, readers, application software and printer).