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FOD (Foreign Object Damage) Prevention

Aerospace MRO is a key industry for e-Tag RFID, having partnered with the Singapore Air Force and major OEM engine manufacturers for many years.     

Our smart tools cabinet/trolley is an established product and is used all over Singapore, soon in Europe and other countries within South East Asia.

100% expansion in 20 years. With 24,000 commercial aircrafts flying in 2017 and the fleet size expected to grow to 35,000 by 2027 and 48,500 by 2037, the MRO industry is under intense pressure to expand whilst meeting strict safety standards and provide fast efficient service.

The aerospace field currently is aiming at nine main areas for FOD elimination:

• Fasteners and hardware
• Aircraft and aircraft engines
• Operating and software systems
• Optical assemblies
• Electronic assemblies
• Cleaners, sealants, and chemical components
• Electronic parts
• Machined components
• Sheet metal assemblies

10 years’ expertise in the RFID technology

We have developed a unique and innovative RFID-enabled Smart Cabinet/Trolley which allows you to track and trace all your tools in real-time.

Equipment stored inside the trolley is scanned constantly and updated with a predetermined set periodic update. Once an item is removed, it will be recorded by the system.

Security features and access cards are also included to ensure that there is no unauthorised access.

The eTag Smart Cabinet provides you with a full data of your tools’ usage and real-time capture of who is using what tools and when it is being used.

Help maximise technicians’ productivity and efficiency.
Assist you in saving labour, time and money.

At eTag, we know how negative an impact FOD can be to your business. From a loss of profit or inventory, poor workplace productivity, and even a drop in reputation – the consequences of FOD are detrimental. The damage to the aerospace industry especially, can be very severe, research and studies have shown that FOD causes the industry to lose about $3 – 4 billion yearly, this does not even include lost productivity and fines enforced by the FAA or CAA authorities.

To be able to tackle this persistent problem commonly seen in the industry, a business must be able to monitor every single inventory at the start and by the end of a shift. To do so, you should look towards a supplier with RFID technology. Especially since it is near impossible for humans due to the level of diligence needed and the overwhelming number of tasks at hand, technology like RFID is able to achieve this target.

As a supplier of MRO RFID, we have the right technology which allows for quick non line-of-sight for data accumulation from numerous items at one point in time, using fixed or mobile readers with significantly long read ranges.