Military RFID: Weapon Tracking and Management System

RFID For Weapons Tracking Singapore

“e-Tag RFID Weapon Management System is designed to keep track of all weapons and their equipment using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.”

Ideally, for military, police, prisons, and other security agencies that require a quick and easy way to manage supply chain-of custody for armory inventory and other critical assets.

The system provides an audit trail as to who, what, when and where of weapons inventory.

RFID For Weapons Tracking


• Paperless check-in and check-out and track usage history
• Anti-thief to prevent unauthorised equipment movements out from the stores
• Accelerate and improve the accuracy of cycle counts
• Easily locate specific weapons and identify equipment that requires maintenance or re-certification
• Automatically associate issued weapons and equipment with personnel and verify the qualifications of the individual to receive the issued weapon
With key partnerships with the Singapore Air Force and Customs Authority, we have a long track record with the defense industry.

RFID setup in the store

Military RFID Singapore

• Inventory is taken care of with the use of the RFID handheld reader and it can quickly be matched to the system asset location to ascertain if goods are missing or just misplaced in the wrong safe, shelf or rack.

• The desktop RFID reader is used for fast check out (loan items) of equipment within a few seconds.

• Door portals are also used for Anti-thief to prevent unauthorised equipment movements out from the stores

With eTag’s highly advanced and innovative RFID technology in Singapore, the tracking of military weapons has become simpler and effortless. RFID makes use of automation to significantly lessen the time required to carry out a daily audit while enhancing the quality of the information obtained immensely. It’s as simple as passing through the armory using an RFID reader and acquiring data on countless weapons in mere seconds. Even when it comes to securing your equipment or weapon, it can be easily done with the help of RFID. It’s able to give real-time weapons location data which can detect whenever any asset disappears from safekeeping and helps in finding and recovering the item.

Our RFID technology for military weapons tracking is designed to track ammunition, inventory weapons, and other sorts of equipment as such items are distributed, returned, and stored. Information obtained includes the weapon’s entire history, maintaining a complete chain of custody on every asset in the database from initial procurement to actively handling personal access to such assets as well as final disposition.
Some examples of assets include drones, ships, personnel, tanks, aircraft, and even the entire bases are completely connected with RFID technology, effectively lowering risk by a significant margin and improving response time.