Automated Storage Retrieval System (ASRS) RFID

RFID-Enabled eART

Automated Storage Retrieval System RFID Singapore

e-Tag RFID-Enabled eART has the ability to streamline inventory management and storage services.

This automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) can be used for the storage and retrieval of equipment which needs management of asset 24×7, and with such technology, operations can carry on without any sort of delay due to the significantly reduced manpower required.

RFID-Enabled eART can come in different form factors with multi aisle options available, compartment for different dimensions of equipment and allow full-customised features. With a complete set-up with the support of a back end server, this system can also allow additional features to enable further usability.

Once any items are removed, it will be recorded and action will be taken accordingly. Security features are also included to ensure that there is no unauthorised access to the equipment placed inside this system.



ASRS RFID Singapore

ASRS will help your businesses in Singapore and France with the maintenance and management of stored items and pieces of equipment in completely automated warehouses.


STEP 1: The operator will key in the details in regards to the inventory which is required to be stored, and the number of units needed.

STEP 2: The computer ascertains where the inventory has been stored, which is the best method to attain it quickly, and then carry out the program to obtain the necessary product (s) with the assistance of integrated technology.

Automated Storage Retrieval System ASRS RFID

Lower Manpower Requirements

By using automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) to transfer the necessary item directly to the operator through the “goods to person” concept, it is able to drastically reduce the search time and operator walk.

At the same time, automated solution interfaces with both order management software and inventory management, picks are sequenced so the equipment’s movement is optimised to go with the needed picks. In other words, every item can be picked in a single cycle or rotation of the machinery’s storage trays or bins, allowing for maximised pick time.

Automated Storage Retrieval System RFID

Improved Safety

Whether it’s in Singapore or any other part of the world, a common occurrence seen in almost any business is human error, which often leads to unforeseen accidents or damage to the business; be it profit loss or inventory damage-wise.

With ASRS systems incorporated into your daily operations, it will lower the chances of any possible, unpredictable human element like fatigue, theft or lower concentration that may result in faults or casualties.


Better Pick Accuracy

ASRS RFID combines with a range of integrated message centers and light-directed picking technologies which convey pick data to the operator for improved pick accuracy.

Integrated together, such systems pinpoint the specific area within the carrier of the item or equipment to be picked, indicate the precise location, showcase the part number or description, storage for replenishment (or direct picking), and state the needed amount.