How RFID Can Improve Your Staff Pick Rate In Logistics

How RFID Can Improve Your Staff Pick Rate In Logistics

How RFID Can Improve Your Staff Pick Rate In Logistics

Logistics is fast becoming a high-volume industry, with the popularity of online commerce and globalisation key factors in driving this shift. With these new changes comes the need for speed in order to keep up with the demands of the industry.

As a logistics partner, order fulfilment rate is key, and one way to do so is to increase the pick rate of your staff. A better pick rate translates into quicker fulfilment of orders and helps your warehouse keep up with the high volume of orders, especially those experienced during festive seasons. Many industries now utilise RFID technology in their inventory management processes due to the various benefits, such as saving costs and boosting operational efficiency.

Here’s how you can benefit from adopting RFID in terms of productivity.

More accurate picking of orders

By reducing the need to key in SKU quantities and scan individual barcodes, RFID technology can improve the accuracy of order picking. As time spent identifying and rectifying wrong picks can be spent on picking the next order, being able to pick more accurately with the use of RFID can improve the pick rate of your staff.

Eliminating human error can also increase customer satisfaction, especially on e-commerce platforms that display the logistics partners involved in individual orders. Improving picking accuracy results in more successful orders and can cut down on delivery times by reducing the time taken to rectify wrong picks.

More efficient picking methods

With the need to scan individual barcodes drastically reduced, pickers and packers can become more efficient due to the ability to scan multiple items at the same time. This can significantly reduce the time taken to pick and pack each order as it reduces the likelihood of staff members having to take multiple trips around the warehouse to collect stock meant for delivery.

RFID technology also enables picking orders in batches. Batch picking enables staff to use many efficient functions, such as grouping orders to pick at one go. This allows for greater efficiency in order fulfilment due to the lessened number of trips needed for staff to collect items for various orders.

Better inventory management and location

The picking and packing process can be hindered by several factors, such as needing to stop and locate replenishment for depleted shelves and staff having to locate certain products. Both of these factors break workflow and can cause your pickers and packers frustration.

With RFID technology, many functions can be implemented in order to rectify these issues. RFID can provide real-time updates on inventory levels, prompting staff to replenish shelf inventory before it becomes a hindrance to workflow and picking rate.

RFID technology can also enable staff to locate where inventory is kept in the warehouse. As warehouse layouts tend to be confusing and packed, it is easy to lose sight of where certain items meant for picking are kept. With the help of an RFID system, staff can locate by section and shelf according to numerical or alphabetical arrangements, saving them time that can be used to pick the next order.


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