RFID readers are an essential part of the RFID system. It picks up data from RFID tags and converts them into readable data on a computer so that data can be stored and used for further analysis. Without a compatible reader, RFID tags would be useless and meaningless.

Looking for an RFID reader?

At e-TAG RFID Singapore, our RFID readers come in various forms to cater to all kinds of applications. For access control and point-of-sale purposes, our sleek and easy-to-install fixed infrastructure readers are ideal. For more convenient inventory management and asset tracking, a handheld reader is often the top choice. USB readers are also a popular choice for being a flexible in-between option as compared to handheld readers and fixed readers.

Depending on the RFID system you have installed or are looking to install, we also have RFID readers for different frequencies. NFC (near field communication) or HF (high-frequency) readers gives your reader a wide range of compatibility, and can be used for ticketing, immigration control, and library tracking purposes. On the other hand, UHF (ultra-high frequency) RFID, including RAIN RFID, has the advantage of a longer tracking range and rapid data transfer capabilities. This makes UHF RFID well-suited for applications like tracking race timings, carpark control, and cargo tracking.

Most importantly, the right RFID reader has to have a compatible frequency with the RFID tags. You can take a look at our range of RFID tag options online as well.

Why e-TAG RFID Singapore?

For IMDA-compliant RFID systems and components, e-TAG RFID Singapore is your one-stop-shop. With our pocket-friendly prices and versatile RFID readers, you can look forward to enjoying reduced business operating costs and maximised ROIs. Easy integration and broad compatibility mean you can use these RFID readers across a vast range of applications.

Whether you are seeking to install a system from scratch, overhaul your existing system, or expand your fleet of readers, new RFID readers are something you will need. So, contact us today with your enquiry, and we can offer you our tailor-made solution and price quote for your requirements.

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