Smart Tool Cabinet

Repairing and maintaining airplane engines is an incredibly complex task. If the proper tools are not at hand when, and where, needed for the job, many man hours can be wasted searching for them. This is compounded by the productivity lost as workers wait around, unable to do their jobs.

Problem Faced:

  • Aircraft technician has to count every single tool they have drawn from the store. Due to human error, there may be miscounting issue.
  • The tool counting process may takes up long time and affect the technician’s efficiency.
  • Tools may be found missing as there are many small tools especially such as allen keys and sockets. The time spent to look for the tools may also disrupt the operations.


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RFID-Enabled Smart Cabinet has the capability of streamlining storage and inventory management services. The cabinet can be used for the storage and retrieval of equipments that require management of asset 24×7, and with such system, manpower can be significantly reduced and operations can proceed without being delayed.

This RFID Smart Cabinet will also be able to provide more free time for staff managing the repairs and maintenance work on such equipments.



RFID Smart Cabinet can come in different form factors with adjustable shelf heights and compartment for different dimension of equipments and allow full-customised features. With a complete set-up with the support of a backend server, this system can also allow additional features to enable further usability.



Equipments that are place inside the shelf are scanned constantly and updated with a set periodic update. Once any items are removed, it will be recorded and action will be taken accordingly. Security features are also included to ensure that there are no unauthorised access to the equipments placed inside this system.




  • Automated self-service tool check-in/check-out
  • User authentication
  • Loan and return records
  • Transaction logs
  • Security features
  • Automatic alert notifications when tool/s are not returned in a proper time frame
  • Rechargeable battery for tool box mobility
  • Customizable on existing tool box



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