3 Reasons Why RFID Is Important For Fire Fighting Operations and Departments

3 Reasons Why RFID Is Important For Fire Fighting Operations and Departments

When it comes to dealing with emergencies, there are various tools, electronics and consumables that can help save lives. However, in the moment of high-pressure decision making where lives are at risk, you can lose, misplace or leave several things behind. This eventually may result in costly replacements, unfavourable audit scores and even the loss of lives.

Therefore, it is important to prevent and track those expensive assets in order to save  money. You can also streamline the stocking processes to save on costly trips as well personnel time for a efficient operational system.

Below, we’ve put together three reasons that make RFID implementation necessary for fire departments.

Use of RFID technology in fire service management

In dire situations where a fire has broken out, the right saving equipment available and used at an appropriate time, their condition and placement is key. A fire truck usually has multiple critical pieces of equipment and sometimes becomes quite difficult to track all of them, especially during an emergency.

With the right technology, you can quickly and easily check the entire equipment’s status and inventory. Swift and reliable technology like RFID can assist the staff in keeping track of all important assets and also allow the firefighters to allocate their time for other important activities that need their urgent attention.

RFID inventory management represents one of the best solutions of tracking the fire department’s equipment. The technology quickly identifies objects through the use of radio waves, and the reader can transmit a signal onto the unique RFID tags that respond with the data of the product. The team can then rapidly and accurately count the inventory of expensive assets as well as critical equipment.

Benefits of using RFID

Time management

Time management remains one of the most crucial factors that allow people to rely on the fire service during emergencies. By using RFID tool tracking, these firefighters are saving a large portion of their time by locating the important equipment and tools immediately. And as such, would be able to reach and help people faster during accidents or fires.

The RFID technology can be relied on in emergencies because it has a proven track record of being roughly 25 times better than barcoding, which needs line-of-sight. Using RFID, you can count up to 12,000 equipment per hour.

Inventory accuracy

Forgetting and leaving important equipment behind while on-site during an emergency can lead to life-threatening consequences. Therefore, precision is vital when it comes to inventory preparation for the fire department. With RFID, you can eliminate common human errors and attain an accurate inventory of about 95-99% almost every single time.

This is because assets on a fire truck can be embedded with RFID tags, and just the use of a fixed or handheld scanner is needed to reveal which items are present immediately, and which are the ones with low levels that requires restocking. Hence, this removes the need for counting every item manually as RFID technology can read tags inside of bags and cases without the need to open a container consisting of medicine bottles or bandages, for an example.

Moreover, you’re even able to set the asset tracking technology to automatically re-order from your specific suppliers whenever restocking is needed, helping you to save time and energy.

Locating items

As the fire department deals with various emergencies other than fires, they have lots of equipment on them and in their vehicles. This becomes easy to misplace them in scenarios where they are in a hurry to leave.

As a result, precious time is lost in such dire cases. Fortunately, with RFID, there is no chance of losing items or leaving them behind. You can quickly locate items with a reader.

With RFID tool tracking, you can minimise on the stocktaking time and improve on accuracy. Because of this, you get a real-time inspection of the entire equipment, while ensuring you have correct equipment at the appropriate location. With all these benefits and ease, RFID can significantly improve the efficiency of fire service. 

Speed, safety are just a few out of the many aspects that make RFID the most efficient technology that is especially necessary for areas like the fire department. As such, this is why it’s important to implement RFID technology.